This course will help the student understand the major components (movements, events, key players, institutions, problems) that shaped the Assemblies of God Church. It will summarize the basic fundamentals of AG beliefs, and explain the scriptural foundations of these fundamental truths. It will provide understanding as to the mission of AG with time spent learning and applying biblical principles to your everyday life.


This course will examine a Biblical foundation for God’s purpose and activity in the world as we trace the metanarrative of God’s story in the Bible. In particular, focus will be given to appraising the central message and concern of Scripture by reviewing God’s mission in the Old Testament as revealed through the relationship with his people, Israel, and their responsibility to the nations of the earth, and how that mandate is now entrusted to the New Testament church, and the application for God’s people today.

Principle texts from both the Old and New Testaments will be examined to understand the nature and purpose of God’s mission, Christ’s person, work, and message, missions in the New Testament, the church and missions, and to highlight principles that emerge from the book of Acts, the Pauline model, and the final act of God’s mission in Revelation.


This course is designed to give an introductory under- standing of the foundational elements of successful youth ministry. It includes developing a philosophy of youth ministry; personal spiritual and character formation; and strategies for continued professional growth.

A practical study of the classic spiritual disciplines that are essential to lifelong spiritual formation from a Pentecostal perspective. The course will emphasize intentional and holistic applications in daily living.

A study of the historical settings, literary features, authorship, theological teachings, and general content of the Hebrew Bible. This survey provides a factual and practical groundwork for further studies in the Old Testament.

Foundational study of the principles of biblical preaching and teaching.  This class is designed for students to enhance their communication skills in the area of preaching. Students will learn the Four Ingredients of Preaching, how to build a sermon, key elements of effectively reaching the unchurched, and how to use stories as a key element. Learn how transformative preaching goes beyond information and inspiration.

This course provides a deeper knowledge of the Fundamental Truths of the church and its doctrine. A study of Christian beliefs as expressed through evangelical and Pentecostal traditions, including a study of end-time events (Rapture, Biblical Prophesies, views of the Tribulation, Millennium and Revelation) from a Pentecostal perspective; teaching on the second coming of Christ.

This course provides an overview of KidMin. Emphasis will be placed on development children’s ministries and resources for the local church. A theology of KidMin, programming in KidMin, and other critical KidMin  information will be presented.